High 5 Sports Nutrition Energy Drink (Citrus Flavour) with Protein
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Energy Drink maximises your carbohydrate energy intake so you can perform at your best during endurance exercise. Using our research proven 2:1 Fructose formulation with electrolytes, HIGH5 Energy Drink will optimise energy intake, sustain your performance and keep you hydrated.

During endurance exercise your body needs carbohydrates for energy so you can keep going. Without carbs you risk hitting the wall. With the right fuel, you don’t need to worry about running out of energy, and instead can enjoy every mile to the finish. HIGH5 Energy Drink is a blend of maltodextrin (glucose) and fructose in a scientifically proven ratio of 2:1 designed for fuelling athletes during sport.

The benefit of 2:1 Fructose is that the maximum rate at which your body can absorb carbohydrate is increased from 60g per hour to 90g per hour. That means you can consume 50% more carbohydrate energy per hour. And ultimately, a faster rate of carbohydrate absorption means more carbohydrate for your working muscles, which means you can keep going for longer.