Exbolt 65 White Reel (roll)
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Brand Yonex
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The Yonex Exbolt T 65 White - 10 meter is the very latest Yonex badminton string and made from the new material Forged Fiber.

Badminton players who like to have a lot of feeling in the string and are looking for resilience, choose thinner strings. Unfortunately, those badminton strings were much less durable until now.

Yonex has now developed Forged Fiber, which is stronger and thus makes a more durable badminton string possible. The result is a combination of resilience and durability, while the diameter is only 0.65 mm. The Yonex Exbolt 65 is 24% more durable than the standard badminton strings.

In addition, the Exbolt 65 string delivers a wonderful sound at impact of the shuttle and the shuttle can be hit further in the back of the field.